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Looks that Drupal is having a great year: Drupal won the best Open Source PHP CMS Award. Even more, the White House official website is built with Drupal. It’s really getting a lot of interest nowadays.

Hope that the version 7 comes out for Xmas 🙂

I discovered that Drupal user’s access to edit content is not only about permissions and roles but is also about input format. If you think that your user have the right roles and permissions and stills unable to edit some content, then you need to check the permission about managing input format.


Ando a brincar com os módulos pathauto e transliteration e defini as seguintes palavras em português para serem retiradas. Fica aqui a lista como referência e está sujeita a alterações/correcções:


Aceitam-se sugestões!

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