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Quick guide for mounting FTP directory using curlftpfs on a Debian Lenny system

1 – install curlftpfs
 aptitude install curlftpfs

2 – create mount point:
  make  /mnt/ftp-dir
3 – add this line in /etcfstab: /mnt/ftp-dir fuse rw,uid=0,noauto 0 0

4 – add some security for authentication. Create file /root/.netrc
    login ftp-user
    password ftp-pass

Note: May not suit your needs. I would recommend you to read those pages:


Linux Jornal is giving FREE digital copy of Linux Journal’s System Administration Special Edition (PDF Download). Go get it!
It has a LOT of interesting stuff.

PWNtcha (Pretend We’re Not a Turing Computer but a Human Antagonist) is a CAPTCHA decoder. The project homepage shows some interesting CAPTCHA examples that are easily decoded and why. A must read, if you’re concern in protecting your webapps from spammers and to know how to build better CAPTCHA.

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Vai-se realizar em Lisboa o I FSD – Forum Segurança Digital, durante os dias 7-8 Novembro. As inscrições já estão abertas, e há descontos até 31 de Julho.

Vai-se realizar em Coimbra, nos próximos dias 21 e 22 de Fevereiro, uma formação intitulada  “Hardening Your Software Projects“, organizada pelo CERT-IPN. A ver se consigo ir 🙂

I will keep this post for remind myself to logout the xorg session before I use ntpdate command to update the machine I was using to work. If you do, the xorg simply restarts himself, losing all your unsaved data or any important communication/taks that you’re doing… argh!

Devido ao meu post anterior, vou listar as ferramentas de backup que vou encontrando e que acho interessantes:

BackupPC –
Bacula –

Esta lista será actualizada ao longo do tempo 🙂