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Read wikitravel pages of the cities are you going to visit (Warsaw, Krakow, Auschitwz, etc)

Buy a SIM card with cheap data plan and top up with 15 Zloty to start with. (I used T-Mobile and it worked great).

Install on your phone the app for iOS or Android. I never used a travel app as good as this one! You need to access Internet to work.

Check the free walking tour website. Tours are free and highly recommended.

Avoid exchange money in very turistic sites. You might find a better rate (around 5%) by going to another exchange booth 250-500 meters away.


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Time go get back to blogging. Social network killed the blogger star.

Apenas para informar que a Microsoft disponibiliza, desde 2008, software para estudantes em:

Para os estudantes universitários, basta registar no e introduzir o número de cartão bancário universitário da Caixa Geral de Depósitos. Mais informações

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Not all groups have felt the recession equally.  Check your Jobless Rate at NY Times.

Looks that Drupal is having a great year: Drupal won the best Open Source PHP CMS Award. Even more, the White House official website is built with Drupal. It’s really getting a lot of interest nowadays.

Hope that the version 7 comes out for Xmas 🙂

Quick guide for mounting FTP directory using curlftpfs on a Debian Lenny system

1 – install curlftpfs
 aptitude install curlftpfs

2 – create mount point:
  make  /mnt/ftp-dir
3 – add this line in /etcfstab: /mnt/ftp-dir fuse rw,uid=0,noauto 0 0

4 – add some security for authentication. Create file /root/.netrc
    login ftp-user
    password ftp-pass

Note: May not suit your needs. I would recommend you to read those pages:

Problem found in the /var/log/syslog:

postfix/smtpd[4183]: warning: database /etc/aliases.db is older than source file /etc/aliases


  • As root, erase the /etc/aliases.db file and create a new one:
    # rm /etc/aliases.db
    # newaliases