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Who said that classic music is boring??

We Will Survive: Igudesman & Joo + Kremer & Kremerata


Because of the Hiccup video of HotforWords, I decided to write my method how to cure hiccups. I use it since I was 11 years old and it always worked with all the people that I taught it! So, there it is:

  1. Fill your mouth with water, but don’t drink it;
  2. Bend down keeping your legs strait. The goal is to put your head as low as possible – please don’t drink the water during the way!;
  3. Drink the water slowly and wait a little while (about 5 seconds);
  4. Stand up… “et voilá”!!

You may experience some second effects after standing up (1 or 2 burps may occur 🙂 )

If you tried, could you please tell me if it worked for you?

Btw, do you know another method that is 100% guarantee?

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Yes, I did it! I took the 2 weekend salsa teacher course in EDSAE dance school, in Lisbon. The teacher, Bibi Fernandes, was a amazing teacher that explained, with detail, a method how to teach salsa. I learn a lot of material: shines, new steps, sequences, body flow, warm up exercises! (I have material for almost 1 year!).

I don’t know when I’ll start to give classes (if I will start at all), but this course is an excellent experience for everyone!

Next weekend, I’m going to be there again, to have a classe with Super Mário, the million moves man 🙂

I’m in Munich at this moment, waiting for my connection to Bucharest. Then I will catch a bus to go by subway to the train station to take a train to Arad (10 hours trip). I will my longest journey ever. And I didn’t slept! At least I’m having free tea, milk and coffee at Munich Airport 😀 Maybe I will be able to rest in the train, since I’m planing to take a couch in it!

Wish me good luck with communication issues!!!

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A pedido do tochas, aqui vai:

“O Palhaço Escultor”

Teatro Villaret
17 a 19 de Julho de 2008 às 22h00
20 de Julho de 2008 às 18h00

Não percas a oportunidade de ver o ÚNICO espectáculo português de comédia premiado no estrangeiro:
Winner of the Adelaide International Buskers Festival 2006 (Austrália)

Winner of “Best Hair” award
The 19th Halifax International Busker Festival (Canadá)

Winner of “Streets of fools” award “The Biggest Fool 2003” (Norway)

Pela primeira vez num Teatro em Lisboa, podes ver o que dezenas de milhar de pessoas já aplaudiram em 17 países.

“this interdisciplinary work is the one-man equivalent of “Wallace and Grommit””;
“a visual treat for all the family that will never cease to entertain and amaze”.
Comentários no World Buskers Festival.

Traduzindo para português:
O espectáculo é bom!!!!!!!

Dá uma vista de olhos no vídeo promocional: [UPDATED]

Ou no site do Pedro Tochas:

Bilheteira do Teatro Villaret
Tel. 21 353 85 86

Também podes comprar na bilheteira do TEATRO NACIONAL D. MARIA II
Tel. 21 325 08 35
Fax 21 325 09 38

e ainda na Ticketline e na FNAC (número limitado de bilhetes)

Compra rápido, porque estas datas são a única oportunidade de ver este espectáculo em Lisboa em 2008.

Aparece e recomenda aos teus amigos.


Crazy japanese tv show:

Who is Ernesto Hoost? Answer is here.

Edited: I updated the video, because the previous was removed.