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Vejam este vídeo. Vi-o em directo no programa “Cantando por um sueño” na Argentina:


Argentina: day 4

Ufffff…..It’s so cold today.

My aunt Ambrosina likes watching sports and news TV programs (very
in the morning. I’ve noticed that, in channel 26, the bottom of the
screen shows 3 pieces of informations: the current time, thermal
sensation and temperature. Thermal sensation? Let me explain it:
Thermal sensation is the temperature that you feel. So, for instance,
it’s 7ºC outside but you will sense it as if it’s 6,05ºC.

Is there any logic in this? How did they get to the formula? How can
they calculate how I feel the temperature? (Normally, I can bare more
cold that other people can). Well, it’s strange.

Finally I
managed to pay my flight to the Cataracts. I solved my money issue
through Western Union. I really don’t recommend the “Banco de la
Nation”. They are Western Union members too, but because I saied that
the money cashed was in euros, they said it  could only be done in Us
dolars or Argentianian pesos … assholes! 15 minutes later, I went to
Wal-Mart to a Western Union kiosk and,  10 minutes later, I had the

Afterwards, I when to a-place-that-I-forgot-the-name to
visit a church which-name-I-don’t-remember-aswell, 50km from Isidro
Casanova. Very impressive and a beautifull place. I need to ask my
cousin its the name again 😛

Looking for a 10-DVD pack can be an adventure and not really a cheap one. I didn’t buy any but I’ll need it soon.

I went to Abastro to see the “The body exposition”. It was really nice
and I was lucky to have a new opportunity to see it since I missed it
in Lisbon, last May.

After dinner  (“asado” with cheese and
salad), I when to a bar called Azucar (Av. Corrientes), near Abastro. I
attended for a salsa class. I learnt some nice moves. After a while it
was time to go home, because my cousin works next morning.

tomorrow it’s the 1st day of Argentinian tango classes. I’m going to
have 4 to 6 hours of classes!! I’m sure it’s going to be awesome!

Argentina: day 3

Shaving while listening to tango in a national radio station can be a dangerous thing :-).

After a nice breakfast, I went shopping for cinnamon and I noticed that it’s impossible to buy courgettes 😦

In the afternoon, I tried to withdraw money using a Portuguese ATM Card, but it’s useless. You may ask why I don’t have a credit card. Well, I don’t need one. I can create a virtual credit card and pay. Why don’t they accept a virtual credit card? Because they need a photocopy of a plastic credit card  and they don’t like to have a print from a web browser. At least I could laugh when one girl said: “That’s to weird for us!” lol… You have a mentality problem!

I went to Rural, Palermo to be attend the opening of the festival in the Ocre pavilion. It’s near to Jardim Zoológico (Zoo) and the Opera Pampa.

I was expecting more people at the opening, but it looks like the Argentinians don’t like tango as we foreigners do.

It has a place for shopping, and we can find a lot of things tango related. I found a place that has hats my size (63) and shoes too!

During the day, I enjoy myself shooting pictures of architecture and life situations.

The town I’m living these days, Isidro Casanova (far away from Buenos Aires – Capital Federal), it’s full of Portuguese people or their descendants.

After dinner, I was watching TV program called “Patinando por um sueño”. It’s really amateur. Meanwhile, I tried “Dulce de Leche”. It’s very similar to boiled condensate milk.

Latin American Spanish dictionary:

  • cuchara – spoon
  • cuchillo – knife
  • tenedor – fork

Argentina: day 2
Ok, a cold morning remembers me it’s winter here. I tried of sweet made of sweet potatoes and chocolate, that looks like a solid pudding. Very tasty.

I wanted to use the internet. “Lucotorios” are the places that you can go to use internet, phone, fax, etc. Computers are so slow, but they’re cheap to access to. Normal price is 1,5 pesos per hour (about € 0,36).

I’m interested to go to Igazu Catarats, so I went to book a flight.

I went to the Buenos Aires micro center, at downtown capital federal. It’s super. Lot of shopes and people. I can’t say that Argentinan girls are special. Sure that they are somehow different from the European, but dress and behave is basically the same.

I loved visiting Carlos Gardel Home Museum. It was impressive… and he was French, like me 🙂

Note: I got a GMS chip from Movistar, so now I have an Argentinian cell phone number: +54 11 3192 3122.

I Went shopping to make a “Requeijão Pie”, there is no “requeijão” (similiar to fresh cheese) here. Well, let’s see what Ricotta can do. No “black” suggar either.

Latin American Spanish dicionary:
colectivo –  bus
exquisito – very good, exquisite, refined
Ancha – wide, large
batata – sweet potato
papa – potato

Argentina: day 1
It’s now 23:40 in Argentina (03:40 in Portugal) . I didn’t stop today since I arrived at 9:00 from Madrid  (an 11h50m flight). I can’t believe that I didn’t felt the jetlag. Argentine is GMT-4 and I’m ok….

The trip was over at 8:56 🙂 Impressive landing with a lot of fog.

I had to wait a lot for my luggage, but all went OK. At the tourism information desk, I asked about tango schools, and guess what? They gave me the list of them with their contacts. Another valuable information:  money exchange must be done at “Banco de la Nation”, because they pay more 25% that the others money exchangers! 1 euro was 4.20 pesos today.

Afterwards I met my cousin António, one of my relatives. Later I met my grandfather’s sister Ambrosina and my cousin sEsthér and Hermenegildo. After lunch, I went for a quick visit in Buenos Aires.

Oh…My… God! The traffic remained me of my last trip to Cairo, Egypt. Argentinians are not as crazy as the Egyptians, but they aren’t that far from it! And the pollution level is high as well… You just have to look the streets and smell the air.
I visited “La Boca”, I when inside the CABJ (Boca Júniores) Stadium, I saw the touristic areas for BsAs, fishermen club, and a lot more.

I guess I was lucky with the weather… Very warm for winter! And 2 weeks ago, it snowed here 🙂

About the food – I have only tried the meat (a steak). It’s really great. The spaghetti is a lot thinner! It gets cooked in only 2 minutes. Vinegar from alcohol? Incredible. They say that I have to try “Dulche de Leche”.

Later on (and until now) there was a photo and videos session from Portugal (Ponte de Lima).

Argentina: Day 1 11:35
Ups… I fall asleep after some minutes of Shrek…

I’m flying over “Rio Grande do Sul”, Brazil in an Airbus A340-600, belonging to Iberia fleet.

The flight is going fine, but the service wasn’t good enough.  What I did enjoy most was the navigation system showed on LCD screens and the take off (they showed the video image from a camera available on the top of the tail of the plain). It was superb!!!!

For a big guy like me the seat space was ok. I had the luck to have a musician guy that used the seat in front of me to transport his instrument.

The Spanish crew is so bad in English: none of the pilots or the flight attendants using the intercomms spoke clearly enough that allowed us to understand an entire sentence that made sense.
I’m just flying over Uruguay now… 30 more minutes to land and it’s time to fill up the visa form right now…

Argentina: Day 0 – 23:00
I met the Portuguese Health minister Correia Campos at Madrid Airport (he took the same flight Lisbon -> Madrid as me) and I tried to convince him to have an Argentine tango crash course but he’s shy 🙂

Inside the plane, my seat was exactly next to a crying baby and a crying mother scared about how a some-weeks-baby would hold up for a 11 hours and 50 minutes flight.

Yeap… it’s going to be a long trip. At least I’ll be able to watch three movies: Shrek the Third, Spider-man 3 and (I didn’t get the name of the movie…).

Wish me luck!!