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Quick guide for mounting FTP directory using curlftpfs on a Debian Lenny system

1 – install curlftpfs
 aptitude install curlftpfs

2 – create mount point:
  make  /mnt/ftp-dir
3 – add this line in /etcfstab: /mnt/ftp-dir fuse rw,uid=0,noauto 0 0

4 – add some security for authentication. Create file /root/.netrc
    login ftp-user
    password ftp-pass

Note: May not suit your needs. I would recommend you to read those pages:


Problem found in the /var/log/syslog:

postfix/smtpd[4183]: warning: database /etc/aliases.db is older than source file /etc/aliases


  • As root, erase the /etc/aliases.db file and create a new one:
    # rm /etc/aliases.db
    # newaliases


I got an error today trying to upgrade a gentoo cluster:

[blocks B ] >=sys-fs/udev-126 (“>=sys-fs/udev-126” is blocking


emerge -u cryptsetup

Done! After try to reboot to check if the udev detects all your network devices correctly.

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I’ve been using for a while the VMWare Server 2.x for Linux and I’m quite happy with it. Unfortunately, this free product doesn’t offer some useful functionalities like cloning a virtual machine. It’s a pity because it’s time consuming to create all the virtual machines from scratch.

Fortunately, cloning a virtual machine is easy process but doing it manually it’s not free of error-proning. So, I created a small and simple bash script to handle this process automatically, smoothly and clean. The script, called vmclone (oh, I’m so original!!), is available at my github account for the public to use it.

Let me warn you: it’s a very simple bash script that suits my needs and may not suit yours. Feel free to modify it and to send me some feedback or suggestions in order to improve it.

Have fun! 🙂