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  1. Install Discover app ( – It’s free;
  2. Start Discover app ;
  3. See the hint msg (it will show the address that you should visit with your browser);
  4. Choose your files with “Add files” button and after click “Upload All” button;
  5. On your iPod, click on a PDF file and start to read!

A pedido de várias familias (principalmente a minha!), deixo aqui os links directo da aplicação, em full-screen, que permite visualizar o traçado do TGV:

(NOTA: O site demora bastante a carregar… tenham paciência!)

Eixo Porto-Vigo:

Eixo Lisboa-Porto:

Eixo Lisboa-Madrid:

E pronto… Ouch!!! A casa, a carpintaria e os terrenos de cultivo do meu pai! Estão mesmo no meio! Já a auto-estrada nos ameaçou, mais tarde o gasoduto… parece que à 3ª vai ser de vez!

So, MacHeist 3 was a success. 88,401 bundles were sold and raised US$ 842.648, but they top it to US$850.000. That’s great, but it’s supposed to be more than that! Let’s do the math?

So it’s missing $11 909.75 for charity. Sure that $11K is insignificant when have $850K to give to charity, but I like transparency in any business.

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I bought the MacHeist 3 Bundle for US$39. I like some of the applications (Picturesque, SousChef, World of Goo(!!)) . I started to wonder about the math they about the 25% they want to give to charity. So, the  following image:

 shows that 31,712 bundles sold. So, 31712 bundles * US$39  * 25% gives the result US$309,192. But the image shows only US$295,785. Why is there missing US$13,387?

I don’t want to start a conspiracy here… is there a bug on the counter?

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