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Calling all social software developers who speak Portuguese – register now for April 2 BarCamp in Lisboa


Because of the Hiccup video of HotforWords, I decided to write my method how to cure hiccups. I use it since I was 11 years old and it always worked with all the people that I taught it! So, there it is:

  1. Fill your mouth with water, but don’t drink it;
  2. Bend down keeping your legs strait. The goal is to put your head as low as possible – please don’t drink the water during the way!;
  3. Drink the water slowly and wait a little while (about 5 seconds);
  4. Stand up… “et voilá”!!

You may experience some second effects after standing up (1 or 2 burps may occur 🙂 )

If you tried, could you please tell me if it worked for you?

Btw, do you know another method that is 100% guarantee?

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It’s now possible to cancel a sended email (but just 5 seconds after sending it)! Awesome feature! Check it at Gmail Labs.

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I’m using Debian Lenny on a VMWare virtual machine and sometimes I’m getting this message:

Clocksource tsc unstable (delta = 3057923951 ns)

To fix this, just add acpi=off at the kernel boot line at your grub/lilo configuration.

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