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I’m flying tomorrow morning to Bucharest, Romania, but I forgot my passport in Faro and I’m 650km away from it. Gladly, since I’m a European Union citizen, I just need my valid portuguese ID Card… Uffff!!!

Now, I hope that the plane’s black boxes are working 🙂

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Packt Publishing is offering the book “Learning VirtualDub: The complete guide to capturing, processing and encoding digital video“.

Unfortunately, VirtualDub is for Windows only. If you have interest about it, go grab your copy.

I found at my /var/log/syslog:

syslog-ng[4102]: Internal error, duplicate configuration elements refer to the same persistent config; name=’affile_dd_writers(/dev/tty12)’

So I checked my /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf and I found that:

$ grep ‘/dev/tty12’ /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf
destination kern { file(“/var/log/kern.log”); file(“/dev/tty12”); };
destination console_all { file(“/dev/tty12”); };

After reading docs, I didn’t find any destination having 2 files entries. Great 🙂 It looks like a typo. So I made some changes (a easy one):

$ diff /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf.bak /etc/syslog-ng/syslog-ng.conf
< destination kern { file(“/var/log/kern.log”); file(“/dev/tty12”); };

> destination kern { file(“/var/log/kern.log”); };
> destination kern { file(“/dev/tty12”); };

Ok, got it working again.

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Today I got this problem on my new gentoo cluster:

[ebuild U ] sys-fs/e2fsprogs-1.41.2 [1.40.9]
[ebuild N ] sys-libs/e2fsprogs-libs-1.41.2 USE=”nls”
[blocks B ] sys-libs/ss (is blocking sys-libs/e2fsprogs-libs-1.41.2)
[blocks B ] <sys-fs/e2fsprogs-1.41 (is blocking sys-libs/e2fsprogs-libs-1.41.2)
[blocks B ] sys-libs/com_err (is blocking sys-libs/e2fsprogs-libs-1.41.2)
[blocks B ] sys-libs/e2fsprogs-libs (is blocking sys-libs/ss-1.40.9, sys-libs/com_err-1.40.9)

The problem is because now both ss and com_err are part of e2fsprogs-libs. To fix this:

emerge -auDNv –fetchonly world
emerge -C ss com_err
emerge -auDNv –oneshot e2fsprogs-libs e2fsprogs
emerge -auDNv world

This was annoying…

Devido ao volume de visitas que recebo no post “Criar calendários de papel para qualquer ano!“, resolvi ajudar os visitantes fornecedo-lhes links directos da informação que procuram.

Assim sendo, quem quiser pode consultar o calendário para 2009 com os devidos feriados portugueses para impressão. Se quiserem podem alterar o formato ou os parâmetros de criação do calendário.

Para aqueles que são mais adeptos das versões electrónicas, podem adicionar o meu calendário ‘Feriados Nacionais Portugueses‘ disponível no google calendar, já com os feriados actualizados para 2009, em formato XML, ICAL ou HTML.

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