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Sorry that this post comes already late, but there stills some interesting Scrum and Agile events during this week, organized by fullsix in Lisbon.

Unfortunately, I can’t join the First Annual Scrum Portuguese Users Group Meeting next Friday.

Anyone out there is planning to go??


I arrived fine to Bucharest. I’m waiting to take the 23:45 train to Arad (1st class, couch) to 10 hours journey. I managed to buy the ticket, thanks to Silvio (a law student from police school). At this point, I already used a subway, a bus and 2 planes.

At this moment, I noticed 2 things:
– any ticket that you buy (bus or subway) is always 2 trips;
– Mac Donalds have excelent, healthy and big salads;

– Taxi drivers: AVOID!!! They will drive you around and make you play more! (I knew it already!). Use buses;
– Take pictures of maps, they will be handy and it’s hard to find a hardcopy version;
– Exchange money before passing the passaport control, they pay better (3.31 to 3.10 outside).
– Ask for information to youth people, they are likely to know english;

Now I’m full of energy (full stomach I should say), and I’m excited to know how is to sleep on a train… 🙂

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I’m in Munich at this moment, waiting for my connection to Bucharest. Then I will catch a bus to go by subway to the train station to take a train to Arad (10 hours trip). I will my longest journey ever. And I didn’t slept! At least I’m having free tea, milk and coffee at Munich Airport 😀 Maybe I will be able to rest in the train, since I’m planing to take a couch in it!

Wish me good luck with communication issues!!!

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