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Postfix, Exim4 or Sendmail – which one to choose

Posted on: 2008/08/29

Well, I don’t know much about MTA, but I know that I should get rid of Sendmail (or not, if someones points me a good reason). So I’m looking forward to choose another one.

Meanwhile, I’m reading about it to make my decision. If you’re interested in:
Converting Sendmail to Postfix, Part One: Why Convert?
MTA Comparison

And for you out there, which MTA do you use?

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2 Respostas to "Postfix, Exim4 or Sendmail – which one to choose"

Long time ago, around 2001 I started as a PHP developer at a local web company who’s sysadmin had quit the day before. Bad luck, the mail server got owned and the password was changed. The mail service was one day off until they asked me if I could take a look at it, as I was the only one having some experience with Linux.
Well, I took something like 20h straight to get it fixed, but just 2 seconds to decide to change from Sendmail (back then running as root, don’t know how it’s now) to qmail.
qmail ( is a very small piece of software written by a mathematician named Dan J. Bernstein, also known for writing djbdns (which I also used in favor of Bind), and it’s been version 1.0.3 since ’97 without any publicly disclosed privilege escalation bug.
I tried it and I fell in love for it. I still much prefer it to the default postfix or exim I see this days.
Anyway, from what I’ve been reading, and since qmail needs a lot of attention for installing, configuring and maintaining, perhaps postfix is the way to go for you.

Postfix! thats all I’ll say.

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