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my first argentinian tango class

Posted on: 2008/04/22

Just for my personal record… I started dancing argentinian tango in December 2005 (with Vera) and today I’m just about to start my first class as teacher, at “Os Artistas” in Faro.

[class finished]


Teaching was strange at the beggining, watching people imitating me during my warm-ups exercises!

Since I was asked to give a 3 hours workshop at 10th May, this was a good experience to improve my teaching. I really need a woman that already knows how to dance, because it’s hard to present the dance figures properly. I have to speak less and give more music. And times really flies… I couldn’t give more that 5 diferent figures (“base del tango”, “ochos atras”, “ochos adelante”, “sanguche” and “gancho”) !

Besides that, having a Macbook with remote control is so handy!!! And I got 16 pupils. Not bad for first time 🙂

There are some videos, with Mora Godoy (I danced with her last year during the 5th argentinian tango worldcup on her class), that explains the steps that I’ve just taught today.

Base del tango (Basic step):

Ochos adelante (Eights forward):

Ochos atras (Eights back):

Sanguche y gancho: (Sandwich and Hook)

Enjoy 🙂


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