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Argentina: thermal sensation, money issues, Salsa

Posted on: 2007/08/31

Argentina: day 4

Ufffff…..It’s so cold today.

My aunt Ambrosina likes watching sports and news TV programs (very
in the morning. I’ve noticed that, in channel 26, the bottom of the
screen shows 3 pieces of informations: the current time, thermal
sensation and temperature. Thermal sensation? Let me explain it:
Thermal sensation is the temperature that you feel. So, for instance,
it’s 7ºC outside but you will sense it as if it’s 6,05ºC.

Is there any logic in this? How did they get to the formula? How can
they calculate how I feel the temperature? (Normally, I can bare more
cold that other people can). Well, it’s strange.

Finally I
managed to pay my flight to the Cataracts. I solved my money issue
through Western Union. I really don’t recommend the “Banco de la
Nation”. They are Western Union members too, but because I saied that
the money cashed was in euros, they said it  could only be done in Us
dolars or Argentianian pesos … assholes! 15 minutes later, I went to
Wal-Mart to a Western Union kiosk and,  10 minutes later, I had the

Afterwards, I when to a-place-that-I-forgot-the-name to
visit a church which-name-I-don’t-remember-aswell, 50km from Isidro
Casanova. Very impressive and a beautifull place. I need to ask my
cousin its the name again 😛

Looking for a 10-DVD pack can be an adventure and not really a cheap one. I didn’t buy any but I’ll need it soon.

I went to Abastro to see the “The body exposition”. It was really nice
and I was lucky to have a new opportunity to see it since I missed it
in Lisbon, last May.

After dinner  (“asado” with cheese and
salad), I when to a bar called Azucar (Av. Corrientes), near Abastro. I
attended for a salsa class. I learnt some nice moves. After a while it
was time to go home, because my cousin works next morning.

tomorrow it’s the 1st day of Argentinian tango classes. I’m going to
have 4 to 6 hours of classes!! I’m sure it’s going to be awesome!


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