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Argentina: trip to Buenos Aires

Posted on: 2007/08/19

Argentina: Day 1 11:35
Ups… I fall asleep after some minutes of Shrek…

I’m flying over “Rio Grande do Sul”, Brazil in an Airbus A340-600, belonging to Iberia fleet.

The flight is going fine, but the service wasn’t good enough.  What I did enjoy most was the navigation system showed on LCD screens and the take off (they showed the video image from a camera available on the top of the tail of the plain). It was superb!!!!

For a big guy like me the seat space was ok. I had the luck to have a musician guy that used the seat in front of me to transport his instrument.

The Spanish crew is so bad in English: none of the pilots or the flight attendants using the intercomms spoke clearly enough that allowed us to understand an entire sentence that made sense.
I’m just flying over Uruguay now… 30 more minutes to land and it’s time to fill up the visa form right now…


1 Response to "Argentina: trip to Buenos Aires"

Neat! I didn’t know the A340 had that too. I thought only the A380 had the tail camera. I googled for it and the view looked nice. I can get nicer views with Flightgear or X-Plane, but those aren’t real 🙂

English from a spanish is usually horrible. For Iberia staff, It seems like they just memorized the sounds without understanding their meaning, just like a parrot.

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