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Argentina: quick tour in Buenos Aires and meet relatives

Posted on: 2007/08/19

Argentina: day 1
It’s now 23:40 in Argentina (03:40 in Portugal) . I didn’t stop today since I arrived at 9:00 from Madrid  (an 11h50m flight). I can’t believe that I didn’t felt the jetlag. Argentine is GMT-4 and I’m ok….

The trip was over at 8:56 🙂 Impressive landing with a lot of fog.

I had to wait a lot for my luggage, but all went OK. At the tourism information desk, I asked about tango schools, and guess what? They gave me the list of them with their contacts. Another valuable information:  money exchange must be done at “Banco de la Nation”, because they pay more 25% that the others money exchangers! 1 euro was 4.20 pesos today.

Afterwards I met my cousin António, one of my relatives. Later I met my grandfather’s sister Ambrosina and my cousin sEsthér and Hermenegildo. After lunch, I went for a quick visit in Buenos Aires.

Oh…My… God! The traffic remained me of my last trip to Cairo, Egypt. Argentinians are not as crazy as the Egyptians, but they aren’t that far from it! And the pollution level is high as well… You just have to look the streets and smell the air.
I visited “La Boca”, I when inside the CABJ (Boca Júniores) Stadium, I saw the touristic areas for BsAs, fishermen club, and a lot more.

I guess I was lucky with the weather… Very warm for winter! And 2 weeks ago, it snowed here 🙂

About the food – I have only tried the meat (a steak). It’s really great. The spaghetti is a lot thinner! It gets cooked in only 2 minutes. Vinegar from alcohol? Incredible. They say that I have to try “Dulche de Leche”.

Later on (and until now) there was a photo and videos session from Portugal (Ponte de Lima).


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