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Argentina: money issues, tango worldcup openning

Posted on: 2007/08/19

Argentina: day 3

Shaving while listening to tango in a national radio station can be a dangerous thing :-).

After a nice breakfast, I went shopping for cinnamon and I noticed that it’s impossible to buy courgettes 😦

In the afternoon, I tried to withdraw money using a Portuguese ATM Card, but it’s useless. You may ask why I don’t have a credit card. Well, I don’t need one. I can create a virtual credit card and pay. Why don’t they accept a virtual credit card? Because they need a photocopy of a plastic credit card  and they don’t like to have a print from a web browser. At least I could laugh when one girl said: “That’s to weird for us!” lol… You have a mentality problem!

I went to Rural, Palermo to be attend the opening of the festival in the Ocre pavilion. It’s near to Jardim Zoológico (Zoo) and the Opera Pampa.

I was expecting more people at the opening, but it looks like the Argentinians don’t like tango as we foreigners do.

It has a place for shopping, and we can find a lot of things tango related. I found a place that has hats my size (63) and shoes too!

During the day, I enjoy myself shooting pictures of architecture and life situations.

The town I’m living these days, Isidro Casanova (far away from Buenos Aires – Capital Federal), it’s full of Portuguese people or their descendants.

After dinner, I was watching TV program called “Patinando por um sueño”. It’s really amateur. Meanwhile, I tried “Dulce de Leche”. It’s very similar to boiled condensate milk.

Latin American Spanish dictionary:

  • cuchara – spoon
  • cuchillo – knife
  • tenedor – fork

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ATM machines and networks are not as common or with as many features as in Portugal, while a credit card is accepted almost anywhere. Even in Europe, having a credit card is useful.

I had a argentinian cousing living at home and he didn’t like football! Imagine that. Not that I do like it much, too but south americans are usually crazy about football.

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