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Argentina: cold, carlos gardel,

Posted on: 2007/08/19

Argentina: day 2
Ok, a cold morning remembers me it’s winter here. I tried of sweet made of sweet potatoes and chocolate, that looks like a solid pudding. Very tasty.

I wanted to use the internet. “Lucotorios” are the places that you can go to use internet, phone, fax, etc. Computers are so slow, but they’re cheap to access to. Normal price is 1,5 pesos per hour (about € 0,36).

I’m interested to go to Igazu Catarats, so I went to book a flight.

I went to the Buenos Aires micro center, at downtown capital federal. It’s super. Lot of shopes and people. I can’t say that Argentinan girls are special. Sure that they are somehow different from the European, but dress and behave is basically the same.

I loved visiting Carlos Gardel Home Museum. It was impressive… and he was French, like me 🙂

Note: I got a GMS chip from Movistar, so now I have an Argentinian cell phone number: +54 11 3192 3122.

I Went shopping to make a “Requeijão Pie”, there is no “requeijão” (similiar to fresh cheese) here. Well, let’s see what Ricotta can do. No “black” suggar either.

Latin American Spanish dicionary:
colectivo –  bus
exquisito – very good, exquisite, refined
Ancha – wide, large
batata – sweet potato
papa – potato


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